Cellulite Control Creme

Cellulite Control Creme


Kontur Cellulite Control Creme helps reduce the appearance of cellulites and unwanted curves. it contains Phytofirm LCA that plays an important role in the conversion of stored fats to energy. Phytofirm LCA and Algae Extracts have a complementary effect that helps give skin a firmer, softer and smoother appearance.


How to Use: 

After shower or bath, apply to dry skin on thighs, hips, legs, arms, stomach, etc. Massage a few minutes in circular motion until cream completely absorbs into skin. Recommended use of this product is twice daily (morning and bedtime). To help increase your results, combine our product with a healthy lifestyle consisting of exercise and proper nutrition avoiding high fat foods and sweets.

Never massage the abdomen when you're pregnant, have a varicose veins, marks or capillaries. NO STRONG MASSAGE.